Mga abusado kasi! -- Freed NDF consultants re-arrested by the government

The government has directed the country's courts to re-arrest the consultants of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).
The NDFP's 21 peace consultants were released by the government to participate in the peace talks promoted by the Duterte Administration in Oslo, Norway.
The law to reinstate peace consultants is also based on the petition filed by government lawyers.
In a statement, Solicitor General Jose Calida explained that the release of the order was before President Rodrigo Duterte decided to stop talking to the communist movement.
The bonds of the said detainees will also be canceled.
“Due to the eventual termination of the peace negotiations … and the cancellation of the back-channel talks in the Netherlands, the NDFP consultants who were granted conditional release should be recommitted and their respective bonds should likewise be canceled,” based on the statement of Calida.
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