BREAKING! Ibang klaseng s3s trip ang gusto ni Andres Bautista kay Patricia! Panoorin!

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Andres Bautista was shocked yesterday after his wife accused Patricia of allegedly ill-gotten wealth. In Patricia’s disclosure, her husband’s hidden wealth amounts to P1 billion. Here is the P329 million passbook account, U.S. Dollar accounts, Hong Kong dollar accounts, and condominium units in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig and San Francisco, California. The Comelec chief denied his wife’s allegations yesterday saying that money and politics are behind her accusations.

Bautista admitted that they were facing a marriage with President Rodrigo Duterte who advised them to resolve the conflict and save their relationship. The President advised them to go first and he is open to suggestions but Patricia does not want to. Bautista disclosed that there was a “third party” involved in their marital conflict. “To be honest, I do not know but I’ve been told that there is a political agenda behind this move … I think that there are other factors that are moving from the usual marital problems that married people have to contend with,” Bautista added. “She has been asking for a lot of money and I told here again, these monies do not belong to me. Because they belong to my family members. And I do have substantial money which is shown in my SALN and I was willing to give her fair share of that but she wants a lot more. And I think that the President also understood that, “said Bautista. “The job is not just me, the Comelec, but also our elections in 2016,” Bautista said at his press conference yesterday. He mentioned that his wife had met with some political personalities at the time. However, Atty. Martin Loon, Patricia’s lawyer, said that no politician had come to their camp and Patricia did not ask for money in exchange for his silence.

President Duterte had no plans to intervene between the Baptist couple. “I was not meddling,” President Duterte’s response last night prompted the reaction of the MalacaƱang press about the accusation against Bautista having ill-gotten wealth. “I am not into the habit of prosecuting people on the other side of the fence,” Duterte said. However, Duterte admitted that he met Patricia on July 26, at the request of his lawyers. According to the President, the only thing he said to the wife of Bautista when they met was to call her husband and talk. Patricia also said the plan to file a lawsuit against the mister.


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