After son Paolo is mentioned at BOC hearing, Duterte says he’ll resign if his kids are corrupt

After his son Paolo's name was dragged into the Bureau of Customs' P6.4-billion shabu mess, President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday said he would step down if any of his children are found to be involved in corruption.

"Corruption is the one that I really do not like. Pati iyong anak ko ngayon, sinasali diyan sa Customs. I told you before and I am telling you now again, sino sa anak ko ma-involve sa corruption, I will immediately resign. That you have my word," he said at the Philippine Development Forum: Sulong Pilipinas 2017.

"Kung sino man ang official who entertains with the intervention of my sons and daughter, that is enough for me. I will fire you and I will press charges against you and my relatives whoever he is and you would have the luxury of seeing me go down," he said.

Customs broker Mark Taguba on Monday said that Paolo was "name-dropped" by BOC officials who were receiving P27,000 in bribes.

Paolo, who is the eldest of the President's four children and the Vice Mayor of Davao City, earlier refused to comment on the issue.

"Taguba admitted that his testimony against me was based entirely on rumors. Why would we entertain or believe a hearsay? One does not dignify lies with a response," he said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to a report by radio dzBB's Rowena Salvacion, Taguba said that the Vice Mayor, the eldest son of President Rodrigo Duterte, is being "name-dropped" by individuals the broker had previously tagged as receiving P27,000 bribe or "grease money" from him, namely "Tita Nani," "Jake," and "Small."

Taguba noted, though, that he had never talked to nor met Vice Mayor Duterte before.

The House Committee on Dangerous Drugs has given legislative immunity to Taguba in order for him to disclose his knowledge on the alleged anomalous transactions and corruption at the BOC.

The Customs broker brought up Duterte's name as part of a group of individuals involved in the transactions of the BOC in Davao City called the "Davao Group."

Taguba clarified that this was only a rumor at the BOC and he has no concrete evidence as to its veracity.

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