Touched by Duterte’s SONA, netizen donates P10-M machine to AFP hospital

MANILA, Philippines – After listening to President Rodrigo Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) on Monday, a kindhearted netizen didn’t waste time to do what he believes is the best thing to do to help this country.

Tinton Deveza said in his Facebook post, just hours after the SONA, he overheard Duterte asking the AFP Medical Hospital, “Do you have a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in this hospital? It works wonders in healing gangrene and in post-amputation procedure …”

Taking cue from the President, Deveza quickly posted a picture of a Hyberbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBO) which he intends to donate for the wounded soldiers undergoing treatment at the AFP hospital.

The machine is worth P10-M, he said, and is used in treating gangrene and post amputation conditions.

He’s hoping for the President to accept his humble donation.

According to a friend, Deveza is an insurance executive/sales trainer.

He is now seeking the help of his friends, through their connections, for his effort to reach Malacañang.


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