Pres. Duterte ended his first year with a record-high SWS satisfaction rating

President earns record-high SWS satisfaction rating

President Duterte ended his first year in office with a record-high net public satisfaction rating, according to the latest survey released by the Social Weather Stations yesterday.

The second quarter survey conducted from June 23 to 26 found out that 78 percent of Filipinos were satisfied with his performance while 12 percent were dissatisfied and 10 percent were undecided for a “very good” net satisfaction rating of +66 (percentage of those satisfied minus percentage of those who were dissatisfied).

SWS said this is Duterte’s new personal record high, from the +63 net approval rating last March and December 2016 and previous best +64 in September last year.

Duterte’s high satisfaction rating was attributed to his “excellent” +73 rating in the Visayas (83 percent satisfied, 10 percent dissatisfied) which was up by 11 points from +62 in the March survey.

It went up and stayed “very good” in balance Luzon from +51 in the first quarter to +58 (73 percent satisfied, 15 percent dissatisfied) in the second quarter.

Duterte’s rating went down 12 points in his bailiwick Mindanao but stayed “excellent” from +87 in March to +75 (83 percent satisfied, eight percent dissatisfied) at present.

The Chief Executive retained his “very good” rating in Metro Manila despite going down to +63 (77 percent satisfied, 13 percent dissatisfied) from +64 three months ago.

Across socioeconomic classes, Duterte received a “very good” rating from the poorest Class E at +67 from +60 in last survey.

He had a +66 rating from Class D or the “masa” and +59 from Class ABC.

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