Good News: Palace Approves Salary Increase For Cops And Soldiers In January 2018! Must Read!

President Rodrigo Duterte approved a salary hike for police personnel and soldiers, effective on January 2018. The President delivered the good news in front of the 1002 Infantry Brigade in Sarangani Province. The increase in pay is indeed a great news to soldiers who’re putting their lives at stake in Marawi City.

“By December, you’d have doubled your salaries. This August, that’s going to start,” Duterte said.

“As far as the military is concerned, we will be able to comply with the desire of the President to double their take-home pay by January 2018,” Diokno said in a Palace briefing, January this year.
“Sooner, if we pass the tax reform [measure], because tax reform would mean reducing the personal income tax rate from a maximum of 32 percent to 25 percent,” he added.

Aside from the expected salary hike next year, Diokno also mentioned another pay hike for military and police on January 2017 as part of the second tranche of the government’s salary standardization.

“We are now in the second tranche of our four-tranche salary adjustment. As you now, we gave the salary increase last year. And there will be another salary increase this year, both for civilians, military and police,” he said.

The salary increase was formalized through Executive Order 201 approved by former President Benigno Aquino III after Congress failed to authorize a new Salary Standardization Law (SSL).
“The previous administration had a downpayment in 2016. And we are going to honor it and in fact… But you know, there’s some…[there] maybe a legal defect because it did not go through Congress, it’s just incorporated in the budget,” he said.

“But [in] 2017, there’s already an allocation in the 2017 budget for a salary increase, second tranche. But we will go to Congress and ask for authority,” he added.
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Source: TNP


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