Soldier Who Was Supposed To Be Promoted Got Fatally Hit Causing Him To Die!


Marawi siege or the Battle of Marawi is an ongoing armed conflict in Marawi, Lanao del Sur that started on May 23 of this year, between the Philippine government security forces such as soldiers and policemen and the militants of the Maute terrorist groups. As the result of such, Martial Law has been declared in Marawi.

Prayer requests flooded social media amid reports of local terror group Maute’s takeover and burning of public and private facilities in the area with the hashtag #PrayForMarawi trending on social media.

The ongoing clash between the soldiers and the Maute terrorists have killed not just civilians but members of the security forces as well. Just yesterday, another soldier was killed before dawn. This particular soldier was already on his way for promotion before he was summoned to fight for Marawi.

“2LT MCGLEN ABUYABOR, 27 years old, single, from Bais City, Negros Oriental, of the 3rd LRC, OCC class 42, Scout Ranger Class 195, was fatally hit at the side of his body by a sniper’s bullet at dawn today, May 31, in Marawi City.”

It was difficult to extract him from the enemy lines and was dead on arrival at the 103rd Brigade.

Lieutenant Abuyabor was processing his requirements for promotion when he was called to serve in the front lines.

“Condolences to the bereaved family. Rest in peace, Sir.” Facebook user Josephine Jaron Codilla wrote on a post.

Many friends, family, and colleagues are now grieving for the loss of another brave soldier. As the battle for Marawi rages on, we can only hope to give these fallen heroes their proper tributes for serving the nation with pride, bravery, and dignity.

Share with us your prayers for the fallen soldiers and civilians of Marawi siege in the comment section below!

SOURCE: Facebook

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