Gascon is very quiet. Does he approve of Maute's using children as human shields?

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The idea of human rights is a very ideal concept, however, human rights are also being used as a political weapon.

Take a look at what is happening in the Philippines.

In the guise of human rights, Chito Gascon has aggressively attacked President Duterte while turning a blind eye to the atrocities of drug lords and pushers who are destroying Filipinos by the millions.

Now, the Commission on Human Rights is turning a blind eye on the barbaric and inhuman behavior of the Maute/ISIS.

When it comes to the atrocities of the enemies of the state like the NPA, Abu Sayyaf, the Maute group, and the ISIS, the Commission on Human Rights have opted to be relatively quiet. 

Right now, Maute fighters and other bandits in Marawi City are using civilians as human shields, and as Lt. Col. Joar Herrera said “The local terrorist group is using children and women as human shields”.

The Mautes cut-off heads while the person is still alive. This is a very inhuman and barbaric action, yet the Commission on Human Rights are silent.

How disgusting.

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