Duterte demands death for terrorist, not imprisonment: “Ayaw ko pakainin pa mga put*ng inang yan”

President Rodrigo Duterte gives out orders to ensure the death of the terrorists because he refuses to have to provide for them if they are in prison.

“Kung patayin ‘yan sila, huwag kayong magtaka. I am… And my orders are, since this is war, I did not ask for it. The people, hindi naman nila hiningi. If it’s war, my orders really are to wipe them out, everyone,” said Duterte 

The President also pointed out the possibility of these terrorists being able to counterattack the government should they be left alive.

“When I say, wipe them out, better. If you shoot him in the head, shoot it again in the heart para sigurado. Otherwise, kung maka-eskapo ‘yan at ikaw ang mahuli.

As the Marawi siege takes its toll, Duterte demands the military to secure their offenses and kill all those responsible for the terrorist attack.

“Giyera ‘to, patayan ‘to. Nobody asked for it. Bakit kita bubuhayin kung kaharap ka ng… Papakain ko pa ‘yang putang inang ‘yan. Mag-gasto pa. Patayan kaya ang gusto mo, eh ‘di sige,” Duterte added.

It was May 23, Tuesday, when President Rodrigo Duterte declared Martial Law in Mindanao for 60 days due to the ongoing fight between government soldiers and Maute group terrorist in Marawi City.

Source: Politiko


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