Unusual Photobomber joins the Group Photo of Vacationers in Burias, Masbate

There are a lot of spirits which are still wandering around despite of the time that had passed since their death. Some said that it might be because they either have an unfinished business, or they simply cannot cross to the other life.
As what everyone knows, a lot of those spirits are fond of exposing themselves to the naked eye, which explains why some people sees them personally or shows up in a picture.
One of those kinds of incident happened to Kaye Henson’s mother. Henson shared the spooky story on her Facebook account, along with the pictures of the unusual photobomber which showed up in their group picture.
According to Henson, her mother and her friends went to a vacation in Burias, Masbate last April 12, 2017.
On the 14th of the month, one of the locals suggested them to add in their itinerary the second oldest church in the province – which the group gladly agreed to. They went inside to pray and decided to take a group picture outside the church before going back to their hotel room. When they got inside, they began to view the pictures looking for some good shots which they would upload on their social media accounts.
A woman from their group was checking their picture at the church, thought it was a good one to post but something went wrong and said “Ano ba ‘yan, may photobomber.”
Out of curiousity, the group decided to check who the photobomber might be and zoomed in to get a better look on his face – which seemed to be a bad idea. The phone suddenly shutdown on cue and they all screamed in unison, while some of them cried.
What they saw was a man whose face appeared as if it was a decaying skull, which made the group of tourists terrified. They went back to the church, prayed once more and lit a candle for the man on the picture.
Henson’s mother sent the photo to her friend who is a resident of Masbate, who showed the picture to the locals of Burias. According to them, that man was a former priest on the church who wasn’t a resident of Burias, Masbate. The late priest died from heart attack just recently on November 2016.
Back when the group entered the church there were only two people inside – a man wearing red shirt and another man wearing a blue one.
The pictures look as if the man even changed position.
Still can’t see the former priest? Here’s a closer look:
When spirits like this appear, the only thing that anyone can do is to pray for his/her soul and that they may be able to go to the eternal life peacefully.

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