Baby Mandy captivates netizens with her adorable dance

It’s safe to say that for the past couple of years, it could also be considered as the golden age of celebrity babies! We no longer need to ask because KAMI feels that nearly everyone will agree. Netizens are often indulged with photos and videos of these kids’ daily lives, which serve as a source of good vibes for most. But recently, Ara Mina’s daughter continuously captivates social media whenever she decides to showcase her dancing skills for everyone to see. 

Baby Mandy was accompanied by her Aunt Baching who was also game on dancing to the hit song ‘Jumpshot’ by Dawin. The duo was shaking their hips, with Baby Mandy who was clad in her adorable apron even demanding more ‘energy’ from the two of them at one point. Read more: 

A few seconds later, her Aunt Baching moved away from the camera to give her a few moments of stardom where Baby Mandy fully gave all of her dancing prowess. 

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