WATCH: Animals Being Served In The Restaurants, Alive!

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A series of videos uploaded by a Thai netizen has been earning different reactions from othernetizens.

He posted the series of videos and captioned it with "Eating while torturing animals". The videos stay true to the caption as these animals are in fact, being eaten alive, their agony seemingly prolonged for the eater's entertainment..

In the first video, a big fish was served as Sashimi and its tail was still moving. But the customers weren't bothered at all and seemed to be having fun.

In the second video, what appears to be a skinned lungfish was served. The poor fish was being cooked alive in a griller and was obviously trying to escape. It may seem gruesome, but the customers' laughter could be heard on the video. 

The next video featured hundreds of centipedes being cooked alive. Thousands of little legs were in motion trying to escape, the entire frying mass a wriggling mess of legged worms.

The last one caught the most attention as it features the torso of a live frog being served with lemons and mayonnaise! The frog was seen struggling before it was served to a female customer who seemed to be enjoying her meal!

The videos have earned flak from some netizens who pitied the animals. They noted how it's wrong to torture them. Some just find the videos a funny oddity. 

The post has garnered 1.4 thousand reactions and around 75 thousand shares!

Source: TNP , Facebook

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